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Technocracy: Illustrations, Artwork and Symbolization

The monad is the official symbol of Technocracy Incorporated.
The monad is the official symbol of Technocracy Incorporated. Its colors are vermilion (red) and the silver color found on the metal chromium, but a red and white version is acceptable for low-cost printing applications, or even black and white has been used, such as in the Technocracy Study Course on its second page. Technocracy's monad comes from a generic ancient symbol of balance, but is not related to any previous philosophies or belief systems. It was intended to symbolize a balance between man and his environment. The words "ecology" and "sustainability" had not yet really been popularized yet, so Technocracy referred to this as a "dynamic equilibrium". The word monad comes from the Greek word μονάς (from the word μόνος, which means "one", "single", "unique") and has had many meanings in different contexts in philosophy, mathematics, computing and music. Members wear the chromium and vermilion insignia of Technocracy — the Monad, an ancient generic symbol signifying balance. As Members, women are equally proud as men in wearing the Technocracy Monad emblem — showing they are working for improved living conditions for all our citizens.


TECHNOCRACY FLIES HIGH! - Last fall, this huge Technocracy banner was pulled by an airplane over the crowds at football games and political rallies. The letters are eight feet high.

Attractive and timely is the window display featured at SHQ of R. D. 11834-1, Los Angeles. This unique display of literature, coupled with the theme, 'Time is Short,' has attracted much attention.—(Techphoto by Fulton).

Technocracy - Behind the lines

Technocracy - The Northwest Technocrat

Technocracy Milligan Tour - March 1946 
Technocracy Fearman Tour - May 1946
Title: Technocracy / Winsor McCay. Creator(s): McCay, Winsor, artist Date Created/Published: [1933 April 2] Summary: Drawing shows cityscape with a large monster composed of mechanical parts, spewing black smoke, and shaped like a Tyrannosaurus rex, on a rampage through an industrial section of a city, destroying all factories in its path.
Controversial articles on Technocracy in the New York Times and the Detroit News
ALBERT EINSTEIN. Autograph Manuscript unsigned, 1p, 8½x2½, irregularly cut. Six lines in German, translated in full: "I have read a few articles about Technocracy but couldn't discover a clear and plain program. For this reason there is no possibility to give my opinion about this. Anyway it is good that they seriously engage with the principal questions of the economy not connected with the politics of the day re considering the bigger view."

Articles on Technocracy - New York Times 1932-1933

Technocracy Gerald Tour - May 1946

Popular Science May 1994 - TECHNOCRACY - you many articles on gadgetry and new developments, including your story about reusable spacecraft, represent job losses due to the efficiencies that new technology provides. It seems the domes for the homeless you covered in "Home Technology Newsfront" [Feb. '94] will be in much greater demand than your 5,200-square-foot New American Home in the same issue. - Steve Doll, Ormond Beach, Fla.

Periodical Articles on Technocracy 1932-1933

Technocracy McCaslin Tour - May 1946

Howard Scott's 1937 Continental Tour
The Technocrat Official Organ of the Technocratic Party of the United States Ushers in the Dawn of a New Era in Thought and Action

Technocracy Briefs: Timely Information - For a New America Now

Technocracy Energy Card

Technocracy: The Northwest Technocrat - Population and pollution: It's time to quit monkeying around!!!

Technocracy: Technocracy Digest - Your money or your life

Technocracy: Technological Social Design 
Technocracy Study Course

Technocracy: "Power! - Machines and Power: Business Trend 1800-1932:  More and deeper depressions!
An increasing use of energy or power is causing business fluctuation, says Technocracy. The chart at top illustrates the point, showing a theoretical business curve going up and down and deeper and higher and oftener as energy consumption gains."

Technocracy: "Price System: Foreclosed Loans, Interest, Tight Money, Gold Shortages, Bank Failures, Variable Dollar, Variable Prices - Technocracy Holds Price System Retarding Wheels of Progress."

Technocracy: The Technocrat's Magazine - Thirty million out of work in 1933 - or $20,000 a year income for every family - which? Explaining Technocracy, a revolution without bloodshed 

Technocracy: The Energy Certificate - Technocracy Inc.

Technocracy Study Course
Technocracy - monkey sense

TECHNOCRACY - Flags of the 35 nations comprising the NORTH AMERICAN TECHNATE

TECHNOCRACY - "Big brother"... why not?

TECHNOCRACY - The study of economics and its everyday business control and transactions tells you how each variation of the Price System makes an ideology of how to divide up that scarcity. You will find economics defined in terms of scarcity in every textbook on the subject, usually in the opening chapter. Without scarcity, some of them candidly admit, there would be no need for economics.
TECHNOCRACY - The socialist-communist countries are no less tied to the ancient anachronisms of money, price, interest, taxes, debt, wages, etc., as are the so-called capitalistic nations, which is only natural since they too are still laboring under scarcity. Only the superficial labels of "ownership" are different. The fiduciary "mechanics" of mankind are essentially the same, however, whether within the Chase Manhattan Bank, Barclays of London, or the Kremlin's Gosbank. The main difference is that the Gosbank is larger--the largest bank in the world in terms of monetary holdings. In fact, "Bolshevik" Russia today has five times as many banks as does the U.S.A., and Red China has three times as many. Economics in any and all forms rests on the assumption of conditions of natural or artificially enforced scarcity, far less than enough to supply everyone.

Where so many things are made and transported chiefly by human labor, the labor unit and labor valuation are practically essential in distribution. Under such circumstances as exist in Russia, there is a social necessity to require the individual to earn his bread and his luxuries by the process of working for them.

Russia has developed some humanitarian ideals that we have missed, but our industrial situation does not permit us to use her methods to attain them.

A few years later, when Russia's toilers, in turn, are being eliminated from industry, even as ours, they will make a like shift to non-owned industry and to non-price distribution. Only in lands of abundant resources is this possible. Other areas must be content with a sparser population and a careful husbanding of such as they have, with occasional exchanges - from more fortunate regions.


An end to exporting for profit
An end to the paying of rent
Forgiveness of all forms of debt
An ending of corporate expansion
An end to the paying of taxes
No more foreign ownership
An end to political corruption & bungling



It is:

It is not :



Technocracy's blue-prints have been designed for this continent and for no other.

We of North America live in a critical period of history, a period which is experiencing more social change than any preceding period. The expanding use of technology during the last fifty years has changed our pattern of living and increased the amount of goods and services available to man more than all previous industrial operations. Any person today, who is past sixty years of age, has witnessed during his lifetime more fundamental change in social operations than did his ancestors through the previous 7000 years. And that change is now at its greatest momentum and still accelerating. North America occupies a unique position in this world of change. We should be thrilled to be living on this Continent at this exciting time, for North America is destined to determine the future of the world. What is going on in other parts of the world is comparatively unimportant to what is going on here. Even the great Soviet Union has far to go to reach our present advanced position, and the other continents are much further behind. North America is the only Continent on earth today which is ready to advance civilization beyond its present level. This Continent is favorably situated. In the first place, the peoples of North America are on friendly terms with each other. We are not separated by petty nationalisms. Although the population represents two great cultural groups, these two groups are not incompatible. The North-European descendants in the United States and Canada on the one hand, and the Latin and Indian descendants in Central America and the West Indies on the other, are especially adapted to the particular regions in which they live. Neither wishes to invade the territory of the other. There are only two major languages involved, and the differences in culture do not greatly conflict. Furthermore, four-fifths of the people belong to one culture. Compared to Europe and Asia, we are conspicuously unified.

Chickens are not people, but their behavior is surprisingly similar. The scale of social priority in the animal world is determined by animal ability to fight. The scale of social priority in the Price System world is determined by financial ability to chisel. The sale of social priority in the Technate will be determined by biological ability to function for the General Welfare of all. 
Fields Of Mental Activity:

- Abstract Concepts (Supposition) - Credulity, Fallacy, Futility, Obscurantism,Sophistry, Dogma, Superstition, Authoritarianism

- Mixed Concepts (Empirical Knowledge) - Reason, Logic, Discussion, Business, Politics, Philosophy, Opinions, Price System

- Operational Concepts (Scientific Knowledge) - Observation, Research, Experiment, Analysis, Synthesis, Operations, Facts, Technological Control

"A concept is an idea. Nearly all concepts fall broadly into three groups. Abstract Concepts have no physical properties in their makeup. They come and go, amorphously, in that fictitious realm of the imagination. Operational Concepts have physical content. They are derived from things and events in our physical environment. One may perform experiments to show their reality. Mixed Concepts are a hash of abstract and operational ideas.

Abstract Concepts beget a body of apriori assumptions which may be defined as Supposition. Since Knowledge implies acquaintance with facts the ideology of Supposition is not Knowledge. It is an imaginary nothing. Mixed Concepts beget a compound of these imaginary nothings and some acquaintance with fact. This adulterated hash may be called Empirical Knowledge. Operational Concepts beget Scientific Knowledge. This is true Knowledge.

Supposition spawns a litter of maleficent frauds. Some are shown on the chart. The past was very rich in this moonshine. Empirical Knowledge breeds a profusion of counterfeit glitter. That is the Price System today. Scientific Knowledge parades forward with an army of facts. The future belongs to it.

The point of this is that in any projected solution of the American social dilemma today every attempted application of Abstract or Mixed Concepts must result in, first, futility, then a new Dark Age of political-industrial-clerical Authoritarianism. We must apply Operational Concepts to the American problem. It is our only hope. Anything else is Continental Treason."

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